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Hire On-Demand Staff Now! GpsWork Employment Agency introduces a new fast and efficient way of hiring and Job searching in India, all in real-time.

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Provide you with quick staffing solutions

We aim to provide On-Demand staffing solutions by connecting local or global talents and opportunities and bridging the gap between employers and job seekers – hassle-free and real-time.

Workers are available for temporary or permanent positions. Staffing agencies are entirely different from placement agencies and are industry-focused & specialized.

Temp Workers

Temporary workers are currently available for temporary positions near you.

The Ultimate platform for Jobs

GpsWork can solve all your On-Demand hiring requirements. We help companies and individuals that need temp work connect.


On-Demand Staff is just a click away

Our main specialty is on-demand staff solutions in India for recruiters, employers and job seekers. Our platform provides job and gig work opportunities for on-demand Temp Staff Workers, Ride and Delivery Gig Workers also known as gig jobs with a car or motorcycle and   Remote Freelancers for freelancing work from home and to take on your task instantly. We understand the importance of finding on-demand candidates who have all the right skill sets readily available. Hiring workers will never be difficult again when using the most trusted staffing agency platform available near you.

We help employers connect with the right employees. Ones that meet the specific needs of your organization. You need workers with specific skill sets and a level of experience to fulfill your position in real time. Regardless of the requirements, we will help you acquire the right person with the right skill sets to meet all your on-demand staffing needs.

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Special AI algorithm work constantly to “Smart Match” candidates to fit your exact needs. Post Jobs and find the right people every time from our massive resume database. Find On Demand candidates online now

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AI algorithm matches candidates to fit your needs. Post Jobs and find the right people faster with our online resume databases.  Find On Demand candidates online

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If you seek temporary jobs, gig work, or full-time employment, you have come to the right place. Start by posting your resume on the GpsWork job listing platform. You will immediately receive job requests from reputable employers. Start earning money today!

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What sets our job site apart from the rest?

  • Free registration
  • Set your own work schedule
  • Find new opportunities daily
  • Expand your job skills
  • Resume exposure to thousands of employers

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Once your a GpsWork-approved candidate.

  • Browse thousands of job posts and find your next employer fast.
  • Easily find On-Demand candidates online
Best Job Search site in India.

How it Works?

  • Post your job

Post your job positions and match the best skills and experience needed

  • Your job posting gets advertised

We will publish your job on our platform and immediately match candidates with your job posting.

  • Matched Candidates Apply

Job seekers that best match your job start applying for an interview

  • Review Compatible Applicants

Review compatible applicants and shortlist the right candidates

  • Fulfill your Job Posting

Set live video interviews with your screened candidates and find the perfect candidate

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About Us

On-demand Staffing

Most employers and job seekers in India agree that seeking a job and finding the right individual in today’s economy is more challenging than ever. Our On-demand staffing solution is the perfect new alternative for employers and job seekers alike.

Discover why GPSWORK has been called the best on-demand staffing platform ever. Find out how our on-demand staffing is the ideal option for job seekers and employers to connect remotely.

What is On-demand Staffing?

Until now, staffing agencies typically took a long time to fill new positions. Also, individuals would often show up to work lacking the proper tools. This leads to frustration and a lack of efficient job fulfillment.

Introducing on-demand staffing. GPSWORK on-demand staffing platform reliably connects employers with properly skilled and qualified workers in minutes. With GPSWORK, employers can hire temporary workers as needed while job seekers maintain flexibility in their schedules. This creates an optimal solution for all. 

Using their mobile devices, employers and job seekers can log into the GPSWORK on-demand staffing platform anytime. Companies post their business profiles and can job openings quickly and easily. Every worker provides their full name, date of birth, contact number, and other contact information.  It’s never been easier to match workers and employers.

How do GPSWORK works?

If you’re an employer with jobs that need to be fulfilled now, then GPSWORK is the best staffing solution for you. If you’re a worker looking for a job solution that allows you to keep flexible hours to suit your needs, GPSWORK is the best on-demand staffing platform for you. GPSWORK is the perfect solution for both employers and workers.

GPSWORK for Employers

s your company experiencing fluctuating workloads which make it difficult to retain constant work for your existing employees? Through GPSWORK on-demand staffing platform, you can quickly and easily fill temporary positions while still finding qualified and experienced candidates. All you need to do is register your company with us and start getting your tasks fulfilled using an on-demand workforce from GPSWORK.

We make advertising your position quick and easy. Once we verify your application, you can start receiving application requests from strongly matched candidates right away. Job seekers that meet your criteria can be called for quick interviews. Our virtual interview process helps you find the best-suited candidates for your company in minutes. All employees submit to background checks and are ready to be hired immediately. No more delays. 

Post, revise and cancel job postings as you need. You can cancel a job with minimal notice requirements (6 hours for most job postings). Take control of our flexible on-demand format and save countless hours of administrative work and processing delays.

GPSWORK for Job Seekers

GPSWORK on-demand platform is designed to help workers find multiple employment opportunities that meet their expectations. Stop wasting time driving from interview to interview, wasting your valuable time. Spend more time earning and less time job prospecting.

It’s easy to get started. Through our easy-to-follow sign-up and profile creation process, You can find the right work that you like within minutes. Discover multiple on-demand job postings and get your next job on the go in no time at all. All workers undergo a thorough background check, eliminating the delays often encountered with temporary work. Control your schedule and choose the perfect employer for your needs.

Why should you try GPSWORK?

If you’ve never heard of on-demand staffing before, then now is the perfect time to discover GPSWORK. This on-demand staffing platform quickly and easily connects employers with skilled individuals instantly. Here are some of the common reasons why GPSWORK is the right platform for you.

It Saves Time and Money

GPSWORK method is quick and effective, saving both employers and workers time and money in hiring. We help employers instantly connect with workers with the specific skill sets required. Our AI system does all the work for you, empowering employers to hire workers to fill temporary positions without spending needless money in recruitment. 

With GPSWORK, workers are not committed to a single recruitment company to help them find a job that matches their skill sets. Employees can now choose their employer for every single on-demand job.

  1. Qualified Professionals at a moment’s notice

Because we only specialize in on-demand work solutions, we pre-screen and pre-qualify all employees. All candidates undergo background checks which are conducted through a third-party vendor. This ensures employers connect with pre-screened qualified professionals immediately. 

  1. Faster, more Flexible Hiring Process

As the India job market becomes increasingly more competitive, we better match applicants with the right skill sets, education, and work experience to open opportunities. We utilize the latest AI to connect employees with companies that better suit their work ethic, skills, and style of flexible on-demand work needs. We eliminate delays in the entire job-matching process. GPSWORK helps companies hire the right qualified workers faster, ensuring you won’t lose qualified applicants to other competitive companies.

  1. Seasonal Workers

Seasonal work may be another reason why hiring on-demand workers are the best solution for you. You can hire temporary workers to get through busy periods such as weekends, holidays, or limited-time events.

  1. Cost-effective Solutions

With our on-demand staffing format, employers don’t need to worry about hiring individuals on a long-term basis or resort to generic temporary staffing agencies with underqualified labour. GPSWORK specializes in on-demand skilled workers. Our virtual platform helps employers and job seekers find a job without having to commute from place to place to find the right candidate. 

  1. Constantly new Work Opportunities

Workers can find new exciting, and profitable work through on-demand jobs, enabling them to meet their financial expectations. 

Final Verdict

If you’re an employer or job seeker and you’re tired of the conventional inefficient work fulfillment process, then it’s time you consider a better way. You know how hard it is to find qualified, skilled workers and trusted companies to work with. 

GPSWORK, the most trusted on-demand staffing platform in India, eliminates the hassle of hiring and seeking employment opportunities. 

Sign up for GPSWORK, an on-demand staffing platform and discover all the benefits waiting for you.

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